Propane Parts

Propane Parts and LP Gas Supplies

Blue Flame Propane stocks and maintains a complete inventory of propane equipment, repair parts, and LP Gas related products for industrial, and agricultural applications. Our extensive inventory allows us to make necessary repairs and installations with minimal waiting and time.

Propane Parts and Supplies

Propane gas is transmitted through various plumbing and piping connections and fittings from the tank to the end appliance(s). Blue Flame Propane realizes that any number of repairs or modifications must be made at any given time and we stay prepared. Being a full service propane company requires an inventory of tanks, parts, and repair supplies at our disposal to fully meet the needs of our customers. Our inventory can be described as fully stocked. We carry propane regulators, gas plumbing supplies, pipe and tubing. We also carry parts on hand that are often hard to find. Below are the most common.

LP Gas Regulators

Blue Flame Propane stocks a full line of regulators for all types of applications. Our Gas regulator inventory includes regulators for both cylinders and tanks. Tank regulators such as first stage, high pressure, second stage and adjustable regulators are available through Blue Flame Propane office and can often be installed by a delivery driver. Regulators should be replaced after 15 years of service or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Propane Piping and plumbing

Gas plumbing supplies for fixed piping systems are available for installation and repair purposes for our customers. These gas plumbing and pipe fittings can be sold and installed by our service crew and consist of hard pipe, copper tubing, poly pipe and a full line of rubber hose.

Cylinder Connections and Hoses

Propane cylinders that use hose for heaters, grills or outdoor cooking applications are available for sale over the counter. Bottle regulators can be fitted to the new hose for installation on your cylinder. If there is a specialty hose or bottle connection needed, our service department can often make it while you wait.

Tank Fittings and Connections

Replacing ASME tank connections usually requires that the tank be empty before repairs can be made. Blue Flame Propane has an extensive inventory of new tank fittings such as relief valves, fill valves, gauges and service valves for stationary propane tanks. Oftentimes, the repair may only require a repair kit, which we also keep plenty of for more economic tank repairs.